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Ways to use Silk Flowers

No one can stay away from admiring the beauty of flowers. And that is why we all love to add that floral touch everywhere, from our tabletops to our clothing and everything in between! But one sad truth about flowers is that they wilt. We can’t keep them forever fresh no matter how dedicatedly we try to preserve them or grow them. So, if you happen to love a particular arrangement or a single bud, the only way to keep it with you is in your memory or perhaps, captured in a photograph. With silk flowers, on the other hand, none of it happens!

Crafted to mimic the look and feel of real flowers, the ones in silk can be cleaned and kept for as long as you want. There is no need to water them, no need to protect them from pests and no worries about them fading away in just a few days. You can buy them at your favorite store or order silk flowers online for extra convenience. The way you use it can be exactly the way you would use natural flowers. For example:

1. Use them as accessories

Floral jewelry made of silk can be a statement piece for everyday wear or a more elaborate jewelry for special occasions. You can even get custom made floral lapel pins and men’s buttonholes for weddings and anniversaries. Another great way to use these silk flower accessories is to get them made into bouquets and bunches for brides and bridesmaids! Considering that they are firmly glued on to their base, you don’t even have to stress over the way they might fall off or be blown away by the wind.

2. Use them as decoration

Silk flower arrangements are an ideal alternative to real flowers that you place in vases only to throw them away once they lose their freshness. These flower arrangements can lift the very mood of an interior space or add a new charm to an event setup. Depending on your requirement, you can get them all customized into the right type and size, choosing the colors that go well with the rest of the decor. And once an event is over, you can either reuse the arrangements the way they are or repurpose them for crafts, accessories and other creative ideas that you have always wanted to try out for yourself. Looks like you wouldn’t be harming the environment either.